Patios and Pathways

Patios and Pathways for Connecting

Patios and pathways are considered to be a form of hardscaping. The hardscape is the non-living aspects of the yard such as patios, sidewalks, arbors, retaining walls and steps. These items provide the foundation of your landscape and must be planned so that they don’t dominate, but flow with the yard while performing its specific function. The many patio and sidewalk options available include concrete, plain and exposed aggregate, pavestone, flagstone and wood, just to name a few.

Flagstone That is Natural

All flagstone patios are not the same. Just about every landscaping company claims to lay flagstone, but very few do it well. We have installed natural stone patios in The Woodlands and North Houston areas for over 20 years. The beauty and elegance of natural stone is impossible to achieve with man-made products. Our installers have spent years perfecting their techniques and take great pride in the finished product. We guide our customers through the stone selection process and give unsurpassed quality on the installation.

Pavers Add Flexibility

Pavers can give a more formal look and feel to any outdoor area and are as durable as they are attractive.  This is another great patio option that will last for many years if done properly. Most of the strength comes from a properly compacted and stabilized, 4 to 6-inch sub base. Then, it is held together by a steel, reinforced curb. Skimping on either the curb or sub base will result in settling and spreading of pavers.

Pavers come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, and textures. They are a great option for areas where concrete cannot be poured due to easements. In some situations, it can be considered a permeable surface where paved areas are limited by code restrictions.

Stamp Overlays and Spray Decks Can Ease the Expense

Stamped concrete is very durable and versatile product. One benefit of this surface is that it does not raise the height of the concrete. Stamp overlays can be used to remodel  pea gravel and concrete pool decks without having to change pool coping due to change in surface height that occurs with stone. These surfaces can be done in any pattern or color combination.

A spray deck or cool deck is also a great surface that is often combined with flagstone. The concrete can be formed with recessed borders and patterns to install natural stone (generally accounting for less than 25% of square footage). The rest of the patio is done with the cool deck. This combination is very aesthetically pleasing and reduces the cost of an entirely flagstone patio.