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Full Service Landscaping and Outdoor Remodeling
When the task requires vision and experience, Woodlands Green Thumb has the planning and construction expertise needed to prepare solutions in harmony with your home’s architecture and setting. Whether an attractive, low-maintenance landscape or specialty garden is the goal, we will devote as much care and attention to your project as it needs. Serving The Woodlands area since 1990, we have always offered design advice for smaller jobs, as well as complete site plans for larger works that require such expertise.


Woodlands Green Thumb proudly serves the Woodlands, TX area and offers many services.

Landscape design contributes enormously to the overall appearance of your home or business.  It complements the architectural style, enhances the aesthetics and is a permanent capital improvement that adds value to your property.  Read more

Efficient irrigation is essential for proper plant growth and ease of maintenance.  A properly planned system considers turf and bedding areas and local water requirements and/or restrictions.  We consider current water pressure, expected population growth and anticipated water availability.  Then we design the proper system for your custom landscape. Read more.

Pondless waterfalls give all the sound and aesthetics of a pond waterfall without the maintenance of a pond. These features can be small enough to fit in quaint courtyards or atriums to large multi-fall displays with meandering streams. Read more.

Patios and pathways are considered to be a form of hardscaping. The hardscape is the non-living aspects of the yard such as patios, sidewalks, arbors, retaining walls and steps. These items provide the foundation of your landscape and must be planned so that they don’t dominate, but flow with the yard while performing its specific function. Read more.

Outdoor lighting is becoming an exciting addition to an evening stroll or late night drive.  The beauty of a well-lit residence or business is appreciation at its finest.  The latest lighting technology breaths life into the nighttime appearance of any property. Read more.

Installation jobs demand a strong foundation of stability. We understand this at Green Thumb, which is why we have crews that specialize in installation. That’s also why we guarantee the work long after its completion. Read more.

Any lawn will grow better with increased oxygen, water, and nutrient flow. However, compacted lawns, such as those that receive heavy foot or vehicle traffic, those that grow in poorly drained areas, and those that grow in clay soil, will benefit the most. Read more.

Landscape maintenance requires attention to detail! Understanding growth habits, pruning techniques, water delivery systems and nutritional needs are just some of the factors Green Thumb considers when providing maintenance. If you need a one-time visit or a long-term program, our team of professionals can fulfill your needs. Read more.