Drainage Can Be Demanding

Installation jobs demand a strong foundation of stability. We understand this at Green Thumb, which is why we have crews that specialize in installation. That’s also why we guarantee the work long ofter its completion. After all, it’s not enough for the job just to go smoothly and within budget, it has to last after we’re gone. Good installation is a primary part of this because it means less maintenance and lower costs in the future.

French Drains With Solutions

What exactly is a french drain? “French Drain” is a term used as a synonym for a subsurface drain. A subsurface drain is a gravel-filled trench with a perforated pipe installed in the bottom. And a true French Drain is the same gravel-filled trench, but without the perforated pipe installed in the trench bottom.

What Can a Properly Installed Drainage System Do?

  • Help prevent erosion
  • Disperse rainwater to your lawn’s soil
  • Prevent surface ponding
  • Remove water away from the house foundation