Irrigation That’s Efficient

Efficient irrigation is essential for proper plant growth and ease of maintenance.  A properly planned system considers turf and bedding areas and local water requirements and/or restrictions.  We consider current water pressure, expected population growth and anticipated water availability.  Then we design the proper system for your custom landscape

Repair Service Done Right

We service all brands of irrigation equipment.  Our specialty is upgrading systems to be more efficient at covering the lawn while reducing the amount of water that is used.  Green Thumb technicians are trained to rapidly diagnose and repair any type of irrigation system problems..

Design & Installation That Meets Your Needs

We start the process by meeting with you and evaluating your needs and concerns.  We measure your water source and usage requirements and then we design your custom irrigation system.  The system components are installed with long-term value in mind.  For example, the control valves are installed on manifolds in accessible boxes in the ground where they are most easily serviced.  The length of wire runs are kept to a minimum reducing the risk of hard to find shorted wires.  Rain sensors are mounted where they can easily be adjusted, not high up on a gutter.  We put thought and care into the installation of your sprinkler system to ensure the long-term value of high efficiency and low maintenance costs.